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There’s a lot you can accomplish with LaunchNotes in very little time, so here’s a quick compilation of the most important things we think you should know to get started.

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1. Customize your hosted LaunchNotes page

Once you get access to your page, the best way is to get it feeling like a part of your brand as you'll be directing your end users to your page with every update. Whereas we have a whole host of customization options (which you can read up more on here), a great place to start is adding your company logo and choosing your color theme to match your branding.

Setting for these can be found under Settings > Customize Page > Look & feel.

Under the Settings tab, you can also change the basic information of your page (under the General Settings tab) to rename your page, add a custom subdomain, and give it a heading and subheading.

💡 Once your page is activated you can choose a custom domain of your choice. If you're interested, reach out to our Customer Success team at hey@launchnotes.io.

To view what your page looks like after these changes, hit the View your page link at the bottom of the Admin navbar.

2. Add three categories

Categories are the routing system for your notifications. They add a level of segmentation to your updates that ensure your users only receive updates about the product changes relevant to them, by being able to subscribe to the things they care about. Similarly, on the content creation side, categories help you and your team properly categorize and organize your various work and projects.

Categories can be added and edited under the Settings > Categories tab in the Admin navbar. If you can't think of any categories off the top of your head, you can try out three classic categories we see a lot of teams using:

  • Bug Fixes

  • New Features

  • UX/UI Updates

For additional details on how to set up and use categories, please see our help article on Categories.

On your public LaunchNotes page, categories will appear in two places: under each Announcement and on the right-hand side Categories table. Users can filter their page view by category, by selecting any particular category or categories.

Adding three categories will give you an opportunity to see how simple it is for your users to select and filter your public page so that they're only seeing what's relevant to them.

The categories shown in the screenshot above are the ones our team uses, but categories are completely customizable to your team structure, use case, release cadence, or however it will be most beneficial to you.

3. Invite team members

Invite a teammate to collaborate with you on your release. More often than not, product update communications involve a few different stakeholders before any messaging reaches your users. For example, you might need a designer to drop some illustrations into your Announcement or review your overall launch messaging with a Customer Success Manager or Account Manager, who is on the front lines with your customers.

You can invite a team member simply by going to the Users tab on the Admin navbar, then selecting + Invite user, and entering their email address. They'll then be sent an invite via email to join your account.

4. Create and Publish your first Announcement

Announcements are core to your customer change communications and provide a dedicated way in which to reach your customers and keep them up to date on any changes they might expect when using your product.

Announcement best practices

  • Make the name of the release as specific as possible - for example, a time period, version number, or feature title.

  • For high priority or tier 1 launches, ensure to include imagery or videos to add additional context for your end-users (which will drive higher engagement!).

  • Integrate LaunchNotes with your own ESP, so your emails are being sent from your own domain - this helps with email deliverability and better brand recognition for your end-users.

❓ If you have any questions on the above or would like to schedule a walkthrough, as always please don't hesitate to get in touch with us at hey@launchnotes.io

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