We give you the ability to customize your email notifications being sent from your account to into your customers' inbox.

Adding your own logo, color theme, and being able to send from your own email address by connecting your ESP into your LaunchNotes account helps to create a seamless brand experience for your customers, and adds an additional layer of trust in that your emails being sent through LaunchNotes are coming from your own domain.

This article will cover:

💡 All email customization options can be found under the Email Settings tab,

under Settings on the admin navigation bar.

Email Branding

Custom Colors & Logo

Add your company brand color to the emails you send from LaunchNotes. We'll apply some light styling and add your color as a top bar and main button in the body of the email.

Here you'll also be able to upload your company logo, which will be displayed in the header of your emails.

💡 Custom email colors and logo are available on all plans

Connecting your ESP

Connect your Email Service Provider to send from your own trusted domain. We support Sendgrid, Postmark, Mailgun, and SMTP out of the box.

❗ Before setting this up in LaunchNotes, make sure you've verified your

domain with your Email Service Provider.

When selecting your ESP, you'll be prompted to add in the relevant information such as your API key, Domain, Domain Key, Port, etc. in order to get this connected.

💡 Please note that in order to use the ESP integration, you'll need Full API access (read & write), available on the Business plan and above.

For additional help on these supported providers, you can visit their own docs listed below - these are also linked out to from the Email Sender page:

❓ Can't find what you're looking for? Get in touch with us at hey@launchnotes.io

Below, you can see how these setting appear in your customers' email clients

Sending a test email

Once you're happy with your email customization options, you can send a test email to see what this configuration looks like, under the Email test section, at the bottom of the Email Settings page,

If this is successful, you'll receive a test email to your LaunchNotes user inbox, such as the one below:

Customized email templates

Want to take customization even further? We also support fully customized email templates - please get in touch with us at hey@launchnotes.io if you'd like to learn more on this.

❓ If you have any questions on the above or feedback on this article, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us at hey@launchnotes.io, or on live chat.

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