You might have a big product launch coming up, and you want to draft and schedule an announcement that will go out on a certain day and time. Scheduling an announcement in LaunchNotes is simple.

This article will cover scheduled announcements, including:

Scheduling an announcement

When creating an announcement, you'll have the option to "Schedule and publish later" on Step 3 of the announcement workflow.

After you select this, you'll be prompted to input a date, time and timezone for the announcement to be published.

Under the LaunchNotes Page tab, under Preview Announcement, you'll be able to see the future URL of this announcement, which will go live when scheduled to be published.

When you exit out of the Draft Announcements workflow, you'll be able to see this under the Announcements tab, under the Scheduled section.

Important points to note around scheduling announcements:

  • Scheduling an announcement will respect the notifications settings (i.e. categories, channels, etc) when it publishes.

  • If you remove the headline or all of the content of a scheduled announcement, this will prevent it from being published.

  • You will receive a reminder email from LaunchNotes 24 hours prior to the scheduled publishing time of your announcement.

Rescheduling a scheduled announcement

There are two ways to reschedule a scheduled announcement. The first, mentioned above is by clicking into the announcement (under the Scheduled section) and selecting a new date under the Reschedule button on the banner.

You can also reschedule from within the Announcements tab by selecting the date field of the announcement, as shown below:

Unscheduling a scheduled announcement

You can unschedule your announcement by selecting the 3 dots on the relevant announcement under the Announcements > Scheduled tab:

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