What are categories?

Categories are labels or tags you can create and apply to each LaunchNotes announcement and roadmap item. Adding categories helps you organize and segment your announcements and roadmap items. They provide granularity to anyone interested in subscribing to receive updates on a specific category on your LaunchNotes page that may be of interest to them.

Categories are completely customizable and are designed to map to the needs of any business or org structure. When you create your announcement, you can associate one or multiple categories to it, based on the work it will impact.

Creating a new category

Categories can be created, updated, and modified under the Settings > Categories tab in the management portal.

Here, you can set the following:

  • Category name (required): This is what appears on your LaunchNotes page.

  • Category description: This is an internal description only, it is not visible on your LaunchNotes page.

  • Category color: You can use colors to organize or group categories with similar characteristics.

Category API slug

When each category is created, it is also assigned an API slug based on its name. This slug is what is referenced when using categories via the API (such as when creating different views with the Embed).

Adding categories to announcements

You can associate categories with an announcement when you draft a new announcement.

You then have the option to notify subscribers of the categories you selected.

Adding categories to roadmap items

When you create a new roadmap item, you have the option to include which categories it is related to.

Removing categories from announcements and roadmap items

Removing categories from an announcement or roadmap item is simple.

Removing categories from an announcement

To remove a category from an announcement, navigate to the announcement in the admin portal and go to the Update content & settings section. From there, you can remove individual categories from the announcement and click Update to save your changes.

Removing categories from a roadmap item

To remove a category from a roadmap item, navigate to the roadmap item in the admin portal and remove the category. This page auto-saves as you make changes.

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