Control how your LaunchNotes page looks when sharing on social platforms with these settings. Each setting below shows how it will be generated in the source. These tags in the source are what social platforms parse for their respective share elements.

This article will explain the fields on this page with accompanying screenshots of where these are reflected in the source:

1. Title

Sets the title of your page.

2. Description

Sometimes pulled in as a summary set underneath the title. See slack and twitter examples below.

3. Do not index

4. Author

Default author name for your LaunchNotes page - this can be changed on every Announcement.

5. Twitter username

Used by twitter to associate the page with a creator. Set this to whichever twitter account you use to talk about product updates.

6. Share image

This element is typically the biggest element in a social share. Highly recommend testing in one of the preview tools before posting.

7. Share image alt text

Setting this is important if you want your image to show up favorably in image search engines.

Example source with these settings

Example LinkedIn card with these settings

Example twitter card with these settings

Example in slack with these settings

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