LaunchNotes feedback allows you to foster a dialogue with your users. When feedback is enabled, LaunchNotes users can submit feedback on behalf of customers and your customers can submit feedback from your LaunchNotes page in 3 different ways:

  • General product feedback

  • Feedback on announcements

  • Feedback on roadmap items

Feedback is enabled by default. It can be disabled by navigating to Settings > Ideas & feedback.

Collecting feedback

The general feedback form

The general feedback button sits on the main announcements and roadmap home pages. This gives your users the ability to submit ideas, feature requests, or any kind of feedback directly to your team.

Announcement and roadmap item feedback buttons

The feedback button for announcements and roadmaps sits on the left side of the page.

Team member submissions

LaunchNotes admins and contributors are also able to submit feedback on behalf of users. This is great for recording ad-hoc feedback from customer interactions like calls, emails, and Slack messages.

  1. Navigate to Ideas & feedback in the management portal.

  2. Click the + New feedback button.

  3. Fill out the summary and email address fields as these are required fields.

Optionally, you can add additional details in the notes field, select a level of importance, and organize the feedback as an idea, roadmap item, or announcement.

Managing feedback

Feedback Inbox

All feedback from announcements, roadmap items and the general feedback form is collected in a single feedback inbox for review. The inbox is divided into two tabs: Needs organizing, and All.

Here, you can organize feedback into ideas, announcements, or roadmap items using the feedback actions folder icon. Alternatively, you can archive feedback.


Ideas are containers for feedback and feature requests that don’t map to any existing roadmap item or announcement. You can collect multiple pieces of feedback from your users under an Idea to help visualize and understand what your customers are asking for.

Ideas can be found under the Ideas & feedback tab in the management portal. To create a new idea, select the + new idea button on this tab, which will open a form for your new idea. On this page, you can also update, edit and archive existing ideas.

You can also create an idea directly from new feedback via the Organize Feedback action:

Feedback settings

You can disable feedback under the Feedback Settings tab, which can be found under Settings > Feedback on the Admin navbar. By default, feedback is switched ON for all accounts.

You can also set up feedback forwarding under settings, which allows you to add up to 10 email addresses where you'd like new feedback collected to be forwarded to. this is great if your team monitors or manages feedback in another application.

Feedback notifications

You can control how you want to receive notifications when new feedback is submitted under the Personal Settings tab, which can be found under the dropdown menu in the top right-hand corner of your LaunchNotes admin. Here you'll see options for receiving notifications when new feedback is received.

Below is a screenshot of a feedback notification via Slack

Hiding the general feedback form

If you want to hide the general feedback form from your LaunchNotes page, simply enter the following custom CSS to your page, under Settings > Customize Page > Custom HTML & CSS:

#general-feedback-billboard {
display: none;

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