This article covers the different out-of-the-box custom colors you can select when customizing your page, including:

These colors can be found in Settings in your LaunchNotes admin, under the Customize Page > Look & feel tab.

🎨 Orange is the sole input for the following examples

Accent colors

Primary color:

  • Top Banner

  • Page Search Icon

  • Month Filter

  • Selected Category

  • Feedback button (visible on Announcements)

Secondary color

  • Announcements placeholder Icon (when no announcements are published)

Surface colors

White color

  • Public page Hero

  • Navbar

  • Announcement card background

Off-white color

  • Background

Light gray color

  • Categories container

  • Month line break

Gray color

  • Announcements placeholder Icon - secondary color (when no announcements are published)

Type colors

Primary text color

  • Primary public page and announcement text color

  • Categories text color

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