This article will cover where to find key ID's and Tokens in order to set up your Jira integration, such as:

Project ID

You can find your ProjectID in the URL of your LaunchNotes admin when logged into your project. This will start with pro_, as shown in the image below:

Category ID's

Each category you use on your LaunchNotes account has an associated ID. Through the Jira Automation integration, you are able to associate different categories to your announcement and roadmap Items on when they are created.

To find the ID of a category, navigate to the categories page on your LaunchNotes admin, which can be found under Settings > Categories on the admin navbar. Select the Ellipses associated to the name of the category you'd like to find the ID for, and then "Update"

You can find your CategoryID in the URL of this page. This will start with cat_, as shown in the image below:

API Management Token

We recommend creating a new API Management token for your Jira Integration. To create a new token, in your LaunchNotes admin go to Settings > API & Embed > Create API Token. When creating the token, ensure that the Type equals "Management".

Roadmap work item stage ID

You can find the Stage ID's for your roadmap under Settings > Roadmap, and then selecting the ellipses on the relevant roadmap stage > Update.

This will take you into the stage settings, where you can fetch the stage ID from the URL, as shown below:

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