If you're looking to automate your LaunchNotes roadmap with Jira, the first step is to create a custom field on your Jira Issue/s, so that you can reference your LaunchNotes Roadmap Items in your Jira Issues.

Follow these steps in order to reference your LaunchNotes work items on your Jira Issues.

❗ In this example, we're going to use Epic's, however this may be different for you depending on how you've set up your Jira instance

  • Log in to Jira, and navigate to Projects > Issue Types > Epic

  • Select Epic, and create a short text field and give it a name, for example, launch_notes_work_item_id, as shown below:

Once saved, this field will now be available on all Epics - you can hide this field as shown in the example above, however this is what it will look like on an Epic when visible:

❓ If you have any questions on our Jira integration, or would like suggest any changes to this help article please don't hesitate to get in touch with us at hey@launchnotes.io, or join us on live chat.

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