If you're looking to automate your LaunchNotes roadmap with Jira, the first step is to create a custom field on your Jira Issue/s, so that you can reference your LaunchNotes roadmap items in your Jira issues.

Follow these steps in order to reference your LaunchNotes work items on your Jira Issues.

In this example, we're going to use Jira epics, however, this may be different for you depending on how you've set up your Jira instance.


  1. Log in to Jira, and navigate to Projects > Issue Types > Epic

  2. Select Epic, and create a short text field and give it a name, for example, launch_notes_work_item_id, as shown below:

Once you save your changes, this field will be available on all Epics - you can hide this field as shown in the example above, however, this is what it will look like on an Epic when visible:

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