This automation rule will allow you to automate the change in stages on your LaunchNotes roadmap as your Jira Epics (or Issues) are updated in Jira.

In order to set this up, you'll need the following information from your LaunchNotes account:

  1. Find your project ID

  2. Your LaunchNotes project management API token

  3. Your relevant Roadmap Stage ID's

Jira Setup

In this example, we're going to be using a Jira Epic as to drive the Status of a LaunchNotes Roadmap Work Item, and using three stages of: In planning, In Progress and Done.

In Jira, go to Project Settings > Apps > Project automation > Rules > Create rule

  • On the new rule, as the New Trigger select:

  • When: Issue created

  • New condition: Issue fields condition

    • Field: Issue Type

    • Condition: Equals

    • Value: Epic

💡 Optional: Create a branch here, so that you can create a rule for issues that are transitioning to "In Progress", and another rule for those you'd like to transition to "Done".

"In Progress" Branch

  • Add Branch rule / related issues

    • Type of related issues: Current issue

  • Issue Fields condition

    • Field: Status

    • Condition: Equals

    • Value: In Progress

  • New action: Send web request

In the custom data field, you'll enter the following script including the relevant LaunchNotes stageID that you want to match to "In progress" in Jira:

"query": "mutation repositionWorkItem(\n $id: ID!,\n $stageID: ID!,\n) {\n repositionWorkItem(\n input: {\n workItem: {\n id: $id,\n targetStageId: $stageID,\n }\n }\n ) {\n workItem {\n id\n }\n }\n}",
"variables": {
"id": "{{issue.launch_notes_work_item_id}}",
"stageID": "YOUR_STAGE_ID"

"Done" Branch

Repeat this same process, however switch out references for "In Progress" with "Done", and referencing the StageID in LaunchNotes you'd like to match up with "Done" in Jira.

❓ If you have any questions on our Jira integration, or would like suggest any changes to this help article please don't hesitate to get in touch with us at, or join us on live chat.

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