This automation updates your LaunchNotes roadmap work item when the summary (headline, or the name of the Roadmap Item) or the description (content of the roadmap item) is changed in Jira.

In order to set this up, you'll need Your management API token from your LaunchNotes account.

Jira Setup

In Jira, go to Project Settings > Apps > Project automation > Rules > Create rule:

This rule starts with a trigger:

  • When: Field value changed

    • Fields to monitor for changes: Summary, Description

    • For: Edit Issue

  • Issue Type equals: Epic

  • New Action: Send web request

"query": "mutation updateWorkItem ($id: ID!, $name: String, $contentJira: String) {updateWorkItem(input: {workItem: {id: $id,name: $name, contentJira: $contentJira}}) {workItem {id}}}",
"variables": {
"id": "{{issue.launch_notes_work_item_id}}",
"name": "{{issue.summary.jsonEncode}}",
"contentJira": "{{issue.description.jsonEncode}}"

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