Private pages allow you to securely communicate your roadmap and announcements to a specific group. Only the people you authorize will be able to see your LaunchNotes page. For example, internal teams, your authenticated customers, or individual VIP customer pages.

Authentication options:

  • Auth0 SAML

  • Azure AD

  • CyberArk SAML

  • Google OAuth

  • Generic SAML

  • Google SAML

  • JumpCloud SAML

  • Microsoft AD FS

  • Okta

  • OneLogin

  • OpenID Connect

  • PingFederate

  • PingOne

  • VMware Workspace One


In order to get security set up on your page, head to the Security tab, which is found under Settings, on your LaunchNotes management portal. Here you'll find the three options, or levels, of security:

Once an option has been selected, you'll notice your project name now has a "lock" icon next to it, and you also have an additional "Authorization" menu item in the management portal.

Authorization - Google SSO

When you select Google SSO for authorization to your LaunchNotes page, you'll be directed to the Authorization tab where you can update, add and remove domains that you wish to grant access to your private page.

Authorization - JWT

When you select JWT for authorization to your LaunchNotes page, you'll be directed to the JWT Authentication tab, where you'll see your JWT secret, sample code, and a field to test a sample JWT token.

For JWT, there's also an additional tab - Customize Page - for the customization settings of your landing page for unauthenticated users.

For full instructions and information on JWT, please visit our knowledge base article on JWT Authentication.

Authorization - SAML

Please get in touch with us to set up SAML - once you let us know which SAML provider you're using, we'll initiate the secure connection at our end. To complete this, navigate to the Authorization tab, then select the Manage Authentication button - This will take you to our Authorization management platform, WorkOS, which will guide you through the remainder of your setup.

In the example below, we've used Okta the IdP for a SAML connection:

Once you have set up your provider, users who wish to view your page will be prompted to sign in using your SAML connection in order to gain access to the page

Notification security

You can select whether to hide the content of notifications from your private page via email and Slack, and also whether you'd like to auto-subscribe new users to your page the first time they visit, under Settings > Security > Notification Security

Managing users

For more information on managing your page users, visit our help doc here:

Switching between projects

If you have more than one project, you can switch between these by selecting the name of your project in the Admin navbar, which will draw down a dropdown menu, where you can move between projects.

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