This automation rule will delete a roadmap Item on your LaunchNotes account when you create an epic (or whatever issue you'd like to use), in Jira. In order to set this up, you'll need the following information from your LaunchNotes account:

  1. Your project ID

  2. Your management API token

  3. Your preferred starting stage ID

Jira Setup

In Jira, go to Project Settings > Apps > Project automation > Rules > Create rule:

  • New Trigger: When: Issue deleted

  • New condition: Issue fields condition

    • Field: Issue Type

    • Condition: Equals

    • Value: Epic

  • New Condition: Issue fields condition

    • Field: launchnotes_work_item_id

    • Condition: Is not empty

  • New action: Send web request

"query": "mutation archiveWorkItem ($id: ID!){archiveWorkItem(input: {id: $id}) {workItem {id}}}",
"variables": {
"id": "{{issue.launch_notes_work_item_id}}"

Example Screenshot:

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