Templates help you save time and build consistency across all of your product announcements so that your team is communicating the right information in the right way. There are two main ways to use templates:

  • Create your own templates from scratch

  • Start with one of our pre-built templates

How to use templates

Templates can be found under the Announcements tab. This is where all of the templates you create will be stored, and this is also where you can find the pre-built, industry-proven templates provided by LaunchNotes.

Creating a new template from scratch

To create a new template, select the + New template button, on the Templates tab, as shown below:

Next, you have the option to templatize the following items:

  • Announcement headline

  • Hero image

  • Announcement body

  • Excerpt

  • Categories

  • Work items

Note: As you edit the template, it auto-saves your work.

Using a LaunchNotes pre-built template

We provide several pre-built templates for inspiration. You can take our pre-built templates and add them to your project and you can modify them to fit your team's needs. To do that, follow these steps:

  1. Head over to the Templates section.

  2. Click + New template.

  3. Browser our templates and click the Add to project button to add a template to your project. Once you add the template, you're free to modify it and save your own version of it.

Creating a new announcement from a template

Once you create your template, you will be able to create a new announcement using that template. To do that, click the drop-down arrow on the + New Draft button, then select the template from the list.

Alternatively, you can navigate to the templates section, click the 3-dot icon on a specific template, and then click Create announcement.

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