Hero Images are the first thing your end-users will see on your announcements and roadmap Items. They are prominently visible in these locations:

  • On the announcement or roadmap item home tab of your LaunchNotes page

  • On the announcement or roadmap item itself

  • In the embedded widget

  • In email notifications

  • In social media posts

Hero Images are a visually appealing way to draw the attention of your end-users to your updates and make your announcement stand out when you share them through social media.

Adding a hero Image

When drafting an announcement or a roadmap Item, at the content creation stage, you'll see a banner above the announcement header or work item name, as shown below:

You can either drag and drop your hero image, or click into this field, which will bring up your browser to select your image.

File requirements

Supported file types are JPG's, PNG's or GIF's, with a maximum size of 5MB, and a preferred 5:3 aspect ratio, and 1640px wide.

Hero image display

There are several places where your hero images will be displayed when published, including the following:

At the top of each post on the main LaunchNotes page, and on the published announcement or roadmap item itself:

In email notifications:

In the embedded widget:

On social media posts:

LaunchNotes Hero Image Template Library

We've put together a template library which can ideally provide you with a great starting place to create your own Hero images, without having to lean on your designer.

You can access these files in Figma at any time by clicking on the button below, and save them to create your own library for your current and future announcements and roadmap items.

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