We've all had a meeting that could have been an email, but equally irksome is an email that probably should have been a document. Long emails with a ton of information (even if all of it is great!) risk making your user’s eyes glaze over. That's where Excerpt only emails save the day.

What are Excerpt only email announcements?

Excerpt only email announcements allows you to replace the long form content in your LaunchNotes email notification with a shorter, customizable excerpt set in the announcement editor. This enables you to alert and pique the interest of your subscribers using email, but also motivate them to visit the full LaunchNotes announcement on your site to get the juicy details.

Setting up Excerpt only emails

To start sending Excerpt only emails, head to the Settings section in the left navigation menu and select Email settings.

Under Email settings you'll find a toggle for Excerpt only. Toggle Excerpt only ON and select Update.

Customizing Excerpt only emails

In the Announcement editor, Excerpts automatically populate as you write your Announcement, but they can be manually added and edited as well.

Your Excerpt only email will reflect the hero image, headline, the text that is included in the Excerpt editor, and a CTA to View the full announcement leading to your Announcement on your LaunchNotes Page.

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