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Automatically add users to your existing account via pre-approved domain matching

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Domain matching gives you the ability to include or add existing or new users to your account automatically when signing up to LaunchNotes. A situation where this could be really helpful when a colleague/user attempts to join your existing trial or active account, and accidentally signs up for a new trial account.

The settings for adding a pre-approved email domain to your LaunchNotes account can be found under Settings > Users > Project users in your management portal.

Here, you'll see a button + Add @[yourcompanydomain] - we'll automatically pick up your account domain to populate this button.

❗ When you add a pre-approved email domain, it will automatically add all existing users under that domain to your LaunchNotes account when they next log in to the LaunchNotes management portal.

For customers using SAML for project user provisioning, the pre-approved domain matching authentication will not impact your project. The user roles will be managed through your SAML provider exclusively.

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