The Slack integration pipes all of your LaunchNotes Announcements into Slack via the LaunchNotes app. With the integration your team and subscribers can:

• Stay in the loop from the convenience of Slack

• Discuss product updates with relevant teams and customers

• Fine-tune and segment their subscriptions by category

Setting up the Slack integration

To install the LaunchNotes Slack app, go to Personal Settings > Notifications on the dropdown menu in the top right-hand corner of your LaunchNotes Admin account.

Then, under Slack Notifications, select the Add to Slack button.

You’ll then be redirected to verify your workspace with Slack by entering your Slack URL, and allowing LaunchNotes permission to access your Workspace.

Once complete, you’ll be returned back to the Notifications tab in your under Personal Settings on your LaunchNotes account. Under Slack notifications, you’ll now be able to select the categories you’d like to receive updates for.

Discuss updates with your team & customers

Announcements with the notify page subscribers toggled will be piped into the LaunchNotes app in the corresponding Slack workspace of your subscribers and team members.

Each update will be piped into the LaunchNotes app in Slack when published, and will include the:

  • Author

  • Announcement name (with a direct link to Announcement on the public page)

  • Announcement excerpt

  • Relevant categories

  • Impacted Work items (with a direct link to listed Work items on the public page)

From the LaunchNotes app, you can select the Discuss button to post this Announcement into a channel of your choosing to start a conversation with your team members. Additionally, If you are using Slack Connect to communicate with customers from outside of your org, you can pipe these updates into those shared channels for discussion:

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