Add additional details to your Announcement and control how each one looks when sharing on social platforms with these settings. Each setting below shows how it will be generated in the source. These tags are what social platforms parse for their respective share elements.

To access these settings, on your Announcement hit the Search & Share link, which is found on the right-hand side of your Announcement.

1. URL Slug

Change the slug of your release to something more readable and search-friendly.

2. Page and share title

Sets the title of your page - appears bolded and above or below your share image. Recommend max 60 characters.

3. Meta description

Appears below the title and should describe this specific Announcement. Defaults to excerpt.

4. Announcement author

Designate an author name for this announcement.

5. Share image

Announcement image shown when sharing on social platforms.

6. Do not index

Checking this box will prevent search engines from indexing this Announcement. This will not affect the rest of your project.

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