There are two types of users in LaunchNotes:

  • Admin members, and

  • Contributor members

Admin members have full control over a LaunchNotes account, whereas Contributor members can take any actions towards updating a public LaunchNotes page and end-users, but do not have access to the Settings tab, which includes page and account controls such as billing, email settings, page customization, and inviting other members.

Inviting Users

Invite a teammate to collaborate with you on your release. More often than not, product update communications involve a few different stakeholders before any messaging reaches your users.

For example, you might need a designer to drop some illustrations into your Announcements, or review your overall launch messaging with a Customer Success Manager or Account Manager, who is on the front lines with your customers.

A LaunchNotes Admin can invite a team member simply by going to the Users tab on the Admin navbar, then selecting + Invite user. Here you'll be able to invite new users via email

Deleting Users

To delete a user, select the ellipses beside the name of the user you'd like to remove and then Remove from project.

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