There are 3 types of users in LaunchNotes: admins, contributors, and feedback agents.

  • Admins have full control over the entire LaunchNotes account.

  • Contributors can update a public LaunchNotes page and manage subscribers, but they do not have access to configure billing settings, email settings, page customizations, or invite other users.

  • Feedback agents have the ability to submit feedback from Slack, but they don't have any access to the Management Portal. Users with this role type do not count against any user account limits.

Inviting users

Product updates involve a few different stakeholders before any messaging goes out to your users. For example, you might need a designer to drop some illustrations into your Announcements, or you might want to review your overall launch messaging with a Customer Success Manager. Invite your colleagues to LaunchNotes so they can help.

Note: Only LaunchNotes Admins can invite users.

  1. Navigate to the Users tab.

  2. Click Invite User.

  3. Enter the email address of the new user.

  4. Click OK.

Deleting users

Note: Only LaunchNotes Admins can delete users.

  1. Select the ellipses beside the name of the user you'd like to remove and

  2. Click Remove from project.

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