Introduction to LaunchNotes

This Launch Manual is designed to ensure you are set up for success with LaunchNotes.

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Introduction to LaunchNotes

Welcome to LaunchNotes, the communication platform for product teams. With LaunchNotes, you can keep your customers up-to-date on product changes, share roadmap items, and collect feedback. By doing so, LaunchNotes helps build trust with your customers and internal teams.

When you sign up for LaunchNotes, you get the following:

  • A dedicated changelog where you can publish your release notes.

  • A roadmap that you can share with your customers.

  • The ability for your customers to leave feedback on your product changes, your roadmap items, or submit general feedback about your product/service. Your customers can also create ideas and vote on ideas published on your page.

  • Seamless and segmented Email & Slack notifications to your users so they only receive updates about the things they care about.

  • Integrations with the tools you already use like Jira and Slack.

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