Your LaunchNotes page can be set up with a custom subdomain or as a sub-directory on your existing marketing site domain.


Sub-directory of your existing marketing site


We strongly encourage the sub-directory option if you are able as it maintains uniform branding as well as better "SEO" performance.

Setting up either option will require someone with a technical background. We recommend working with your engineering team on this.

Subdirectory URL

In order to use the sub-directory option, you must be able to re-write path names. Common tools to accomplish this include reverse proxy tools like Nginx, Caddy, or HAProxy, or hosted solutions like Cloudflare Rules.

In order to get started, you must determine two pieces of information:

Your host - (

Your path prefix - (/launch-notes)

Once you have this, you must create a rule in your reverse proxy to rewrite the path to remove the path prefix i.e. /launch-notes/board -> /board

Once you have accomplished this, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can update our internal resolvers to reflect these changes - this is a database update on our end, so will only take a few moments to complete.


In order to use the sub-domain option, you must decide what host and sub-domain you plan to use.

For example,

With this decision, you must add a CNAME record in your domain's DNS that points to CNAME

❗❗ Please ensure that the CNAME points to - we will provision your ingress on your specific account at our end.

Once this is done, please contact us at so that we can provision your custom ingress and TLS termination. This typically takes a minute or two. Once it is complete, it requires no further work on your end.

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