Setting up a Custom Subdomain

Set up a custom Subdomain for your published page

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Your LaunchNotes page can be set up with a custom subdomain or as a sub-directory on your existing marketing site domain.


Sub-directory of your existing marketing site


Setting up either option will require someone with a technical background. We recommend working with your engineering team on this.

❗ This article will cover setting up a custom subdomain. If you're interesting in setting up a custom subdirectory, please follow the steps in this help article on Setting up a custom subdirectory.


In order to use the sub-domain option, you must decide what host and sub-domain you plan to use.

For example,

With this decision, you must add a CNAME record in your domain's DNS that points to CNAME

❗❗ Please ensure that the CNAME points to - we will provision your ingress on your specific account at our end.

Once this is done, please contact us at [email protected], or via live chat in your management portal, so that we can provision your custom ingress and TLS termination. This typically takes a minute or two. Once it is complete, it requires no further work on your end.

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